Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So far

So far I have not found a job. I have applied everywhere that I can think of. I was sort of offered a part time job at a clothing store (not me at all), but I was waiting until today to call them back and let them know. SO this morning I recieved a call from Blue mountain about the application that I sent in. I have an interview on Monday to be a room attendant (I would clean the condos at the ski club). It is not my dream job, but the pay is good enough, and the job is just cleaning, so... As for other news...I started watching the first season of Prison Break (because Alec has it) and it is amazing. I do not know why I have not watched it before now. I am watching it with Tori though, so I have to wait until she gets home from school and work before we can watch any more. Tori also convinced me to read the Twilight books (which I never thought I would) They were actually pretty good. I am going to see the movie on the advanced showing with Tori. I am glad I waited till now to read the books though, otherwise I would have had to wait for a long time to see the movie (I don't know if I made any sense right there, so ask me to clarify if I did not.) It has finally snowed here, and I am so excited. I took the dogs for a run in the woods while it was snowing, then I shoveled the driveway, then made snow angels (or tried to while Darcy (one of my dogs) thought it was a game and tried to jump on me. Then me, Connor, Tori and the dogs played in the backyard in the snow. (Well, Tori was shoveling the deck and the rest of us were playing in the snow. One thing that I have not really done is work on my second book. I think that the book is going too fast, too soon, so I need to read through all of it, and put in more description, and more plot. I am really being lazy and not getting to that. I also just had the power cord to my laptop die, but thankfully moms works on mine, so I can at least charge my laptop enough to use. Well, I am going to go make supper (or at least start (Tori has to work soon so it should be ready for her. Caitlin

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Job Search

I am now looking for a job, as I quit at the Thoroughbred place. Things were just not going well, combined with the long drive... I have dropped my resume off at several places, so hopefully something will turn up. I trust that God will send me the right job at the right time, and I just need to be a bit more patient and trusting. On a better note, last Sunday, Tori, Connor, Sam R and I went for a trail ride. It was good to be on a horse again. I would really love to get a job where I can do a lot of riding. That is one of the many reasons that I love my job in Alberta. I have to go clean my room, work on my next book, and do my laundry, so that is all for this post.