Saturday, May 31, 2008

3 Weeks

There is only exactly 3 weeks until I leave on my road trip!!!  I can hardly wait.  The other day, one of the boarders at the barn where I work, said to be careful because she knew how I liked to go fast.  I told her I was counting down the days till I could go full out on a trail again, and she shook her head at me.  It is so amazing to ride a horse, and have the wind blowing, and feel the power of the horse.  It is freedom.  

Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, today started off pretty good, had a few laughs with the crew, got a good suntan...  then things got worse.  I will not go into detail yet, as some of the readers will be affected by the outcome of today, and I am not ready for them to know yet.  Let's just say that I asked for an answer and God gave me one.  I will also say that it is a good thing that I had sunglasses on to cover my eyes.  After that I was going to ride Charly, but Tammy talked me into getting a pedicure (my first ever).  It was pretty cool to actually pamper myself as I never do.  My toes are now a greeny blue with white sparkly flowers.  Tammy's are french pedicure style with butterflies.  Then Tammy invited me over for supper so I stayed.  She stuck a flower in my hair (I said it smeeled like laundry, but she did not agree.)  She managed to cheer me up so I am thankful.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This is a memorial note for Tundra.  He was the first dog that I actually picked out and remember training.  He was a Great Pyrenees (big white dog breed).  He was a very loveable dog, he went canoeing (not very well), swimming, and would play with us.  He would let the kids climb all over him and never blink.  Then one day, he jumped up as a kid was bending down and scratched him, then a crazy woman accused him of jumping over three gates to attack her.  (She was shoving her kids in  a drainage ditch.  He is a herder so he went to protect the kids)  Anyways while I was gone at camp, my parents gave him away to friends with a farm.  I got to go and say goodbye to him before college, then I never saw him again.  I heard a few stories over the years, but never  anything too bad.  I planned to take him with me if I ever got my own place.  The other day, my mom called and said she had bad news.  She told me that his new owners had found him, there were no wounds, no marks of any sort and they believe it was a heart attack.  He was only five and a half years old.  So this is a post to a good, but misunderstood dog.  :-(

Monday, May 26, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

This weekend was very busy, but a lot of fun.  It all started on Friday when I woke up at 05:30 to go to work.  I worked from 06:30 to 09:30.  Then I drove home to Wasaga Beach to go to a Dr's appointmen, and to be home for the weekend.  After the Dr's appointment, I went to Scotia Bank, where I have a line of credit.  I have been having a few problems with them so I went to try and sort it out.  It was a bog waste of time.  I left with them saying that they would call me, they still have not.  Then I picked Tori up from school and we went to Barrie.  I wanted her to do some HWY and big city driving before we go on a cross Canada road trip.  We went to Treasure house, Winners, and Chapters.  (two different Winners locations...)  Then we went to the Mandarin for supper (it was soo good).  We got home around 21:30  and I went straight to bed (I was soo tired).  Then I was up at 05:45  to go on a canoe course with Alec and Dad.  Dad is one of the instructors for Akuni Adventures.  It was a fun day.  I did not think that it was that tiring or physical until the next day (my arms and thighs are still sore).  We finished around 17:00 and drove home.  We arrived home at 18:00.  Alec, Dad and I showered (we have two showers, so Alec waited until Dad was done)  Then at 18:30 we left fot Collingwood to go to dinner.  We went to the Siamese Gecko, where a friend of Tori's works.  It was pretty good food, and we all laughed a lot at the conversations.  Then we went to Wal Mart and I bought flip flops for the shower in Jasper.  Tori bought Indiana Jones M&M's cause we were going to see that movie.  When we were done at Wal Mart, we went to the theatre for the 21:45 showing of Indiana Jones!!!!  It was good, not exactly in the same class as the other three though.  After the movie, we picked up Tori's friend Sam, and came home.  We got to bed about 24:30 and slept in a tent in the backyard.  around 02:00 I had to go to the bathroom and it was cold, so I went inside and went to the bathroom and got another sleeping bag.  I woke up around 07:00 and took the dogs for a walk in the forest.  On the way to church, my phone went off, I had a text from Kansas (the manager at the farm where I work.)  It said...just wanted to remind you that you are doing the morning shift tommorow...  I had no clue that I was supposed to work, and she had never told me, so I told her that.  She said ... oh, can you do it anyways?... I said sure, although the last thing that I wanted to do was get up at 05:00  after the sat that I had had.  Then I went to church, and there was a really good and funny speaker from life 100.3 (the Christian radio station). Then I took mom and Sam out to Boston Pizza for lunch.  Then we took Sam to the Hamilton's, and then went to Home Hardware to pick up wood for the downstairs floor.  Then I cleaned my car, packed, ate supper and drove to Newmarket.  I went to bed, and then today began at 05:30.  But that will be another story.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


So I am headed out to Jasper, Alberta once again, this summer!!!  I am so excited.  I worked out there all summer last year (from May 2007-Oct 2007)  I had the time of my life!!  I have been counting down the days all winter to when I can return, and now there are only 4 weeks left.  I had to buy a car so I am going to be driving out this year instead of flying.  I managed to talk my sister and one of my friends into coming with me.  We are planning to make the trip in just under 2 weeks as we would like to see as much as possible.  If anyone knows anywhere good to stop on the way (we are already detouring to Drumheller)then please let me know.  We are going through Canada (up to Thunder Bay then to Gilbert Plains, and then on to Jasper.  I have been informed that we must top in Wawa and get a picture with the giant goose for my mother.  While in Jasper we will be going to the Tramway (a very scary gondola type ride up to the top of Whistlers mountain.)  Hopefully I will be able to take at least one of the girls riding with me.  I would like to go whitewater rafting, but that is a lot of money and it may be booked solid.  We will probably go hiking and spend a day or two touring the stores (there are a few cute ones).  Then we will go to Edmonton and spend a night or two there and go to the West Edmonton Mall, then Tori (my sister) and Natasha (my friend) will fly back to Ontario.  Well I have to go to Home Hardware so that's all for now.

About me

For those who don't know me, I chose the name Cantering Caitlin for the website name, I love horses and I would rather be cantering down a trail than anywhere else.  I chose the name Country girl because I would love to own a farm, and I cannot stand being in the city.  I need the open air and the fields.  I started this blog as my mother would like me to keep everyone updated while I am in Jasper this summer so here I go...