Saturday, February 27, 2010

The new adventures of Calamity Caitlin

Last week I was cooking, and burnt my hand. It was pretty neat, it looked almost like a torch. There was no school Monday, so I took Coco to Maplewood Farms, which is a place where you can go to pet goats and rabbits, and see horses and chickens and sheep. I did not like it that much, as they used gravel and pressure treated wood for the paddock that the Belgians were in. Also we could not pet the horses, as there wa a double fence. The other night, when I was coming back from my run, I saw a glint of white, so I stopped, and wouldn't you know it, there was a skunk about five feet from me. I just stood there, and waited for it to make a move, then went the other way. God knew what he was doing when he put a stripe on them, if He hadn't I would have been sprayed.

The picture of the red building, is a sheep looking around it, and Coco and I both thought it was creepy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Olympics

Last night, katelin Simerson and I went to an Olympics medal ceremony. We got to see Maelle Ricker get her gold medal. There was also a Paul Brandt concert (which was the real reason I went) it was an amazing night. I have heard about all the lines and wait times on the trains, and buses, but I managed to get every bus with the perfect timing. Here are a few pics. I also realized that although I really like BC, and thought I would make it my home, I am going back to Alberta, because it is where I really feel is home for me.

Monday, February 15, 2010

February 7-14

This is what my week looked like this week. Nora was away nights due to a campaign that had something to do with the Olympics, which is why I was working more for them, and at A&W we had the torch run, and the mall is doing stuff for the Olympics, so I was working more for them.
Sunday- 09:00 church
12:00-20:30 work at A&W
Monday 05:45 20 min jog, then shower
07:00-09:00 watch the kids,make their lunches and breakfasts, take Coco to school
After that, go to Walmart to get organizing stuff for all my files, then parked and walked five blocks to meet dad, then walked four blocks to have lunch, then went to a used bookstore, then walked four blocks back to drop dad off, then walked five blocks to my car, then organized all my files. Then picked Coco up from school.
15:00-20:00- Had the kids, made supper, got the kids ready for bed, got the kids into bed.

Tuesday-0645- got up
0700-0900 had kids, make lunches, make breakfast, take coco to school
1000-1400- work at A&W
1500 meet coco at school
1534 drop coco off for her art class, go jogging, shower
1700 pick up coco, make supper, get kids ready for bed, put them to bed
Wednesday-0645 get up
0700 kids...
0900-1600 work at A&W (torch run day so it was a line up out the door the whole time
1600-2000 make supper, Nora home so Cindy and I went out to another Torch relay
2330 get to bed
Thursday-0645 get up
1000-1400 A&W
1500-2000 make dinner, get kids to bed, twenty min jog
Friday-0645 get up
0700-0900 kids...
0900-1400 A&W
1500-2000 coco's swimming lesson, run to the library to download pics,kids, supper...
Saturday-0630 get up
0700-1530 A&W
1600 twenty min jog
1830-2400 watch kids while Adrian and Nora out
Sunday-0900-1100 church
1200-2030 A&W

A few of these days I had to pick Julian up from Daycare, but I forget which days.

It was a pretty busy week for me. I am hoping that it will not be so crazy next week. I was tired, but not exhausted.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I am not a huge "yay olympics" person, but I went to the torch relay to say that I was a part of history, I don't have time to type it all now, but here are some pics.