Saturday, September 24, 2011


I went to the CMT Hitlist Tour concert in Vancouver last night with the girls from work. Dean Brody, Deric Ruttan and Aaron Lines were the three singers. They were awesome!! They did "Jessie's Girl", "Summer of 69" and "Copperhead Road" (The crowd got to pick three songs from another artist for them to sing) They did great for all 3 (especially Copperhead road.)

When the concert was over they came out for a meet and great/to sign autographs. I got Deric Ruttan and Dean Brody's autograph. I got my picture taken with Dean and he was very nice. I tried to meet Aaron as well, but there was a really drunk older lady that would not leave him alone...

I also got to meet up with my friend Amy (from my 1st year in Jasper) that I have not seen in a long time. It was really cool that we were both going to the same concert.

I am going to see George Canyon in October, and hopefully (depends on when I'm moving) Paul Brandt in December.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kenny Rogers

So it is PNE time in Vancouver, and I managed to talk a friend into going with me Monday night. It had to be Monday as there is a free concert (free with general admission) every night, and Monday was Kenny Rogers.

He was awesome. Not only were his songs sung well, he was very funny. He made jokes, and told stories. He even joke that one day they would wheel him out in a wheelchair and he would roll right off the stage.

He showed a few clips from "The Gambler" as he sang that song. The only bad part was that he cut our a part of "Coward of the County"... But I guess you can't sing about a woman being raped when you are singing at a fair...

There were also horses, ponies, oxen, cows, rabbits and more at the fair. We watched the Superdogs which was great. There was a market, oxygen bar, tribute bands, lots of food. I tried a deep fried mars bar, a deep fried oreo and a deep fried poptart...