Friday, December 25, 2009


This was my first Christmas away from home. I went to a church service at the church that I have been attending, and I really liked it, they sang "Amazing Love" and "Here I am to Worship" as well as the usual Christmas songs. We were up at 06:30 because that's when Julian was up. The kids opened their Santa Presents, then we had Cinnamon buns and bacon. After that we opened all the presents. Nora and Adrian got me a silver horseshoe necklace, and the kids got me a body wash/lotion/loofah kit. Mom and Dad gave me the camera that I took pics with.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grouse Mountain

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week there are Parent Teacher Interviews, so school is done at 2pm. On Monday, Coco and I went to the Quay. On Tuesday, we went to Grouse Mountain. It was my first time up there. One of Coco's friends have a seasons pass, so they can get others in for half price, so we went with them. We had to go on an eight minute gondola ride (reminded me of the one in Jasper). Then when we were up there, we visited Santa, and the reindeer, and walked around for a bit.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My blog is bored

Dad told me that my blog was bored, so here I go. I bought some face paint, and Coco thinks it is amazing. I went for a walk along the seawall, here are some pics. On Saturday Katelin Simerson and I got together, went to the cinema and saw "The Blind Side" (highly suggest others watch it, it is an AWESOME MOVIE). Then we went to her apartment, and made Shepherds pie (we even added a twist to it, putting spinach in it) We had spinach salad, and played card games till about quarter after ten. Then we walked in the rain to get to the bus station. I got back home about quarter after midnight. Then I got up, went to church, then worked for eight and a half hours. I am going to bed now.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge

Today dad and I went to the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge. It reminded me a lot of Maligne Canyon in Jasper. As we were getting ready to leave, we saw a man on a horse, and stopped to talk to him, and to pet the horse. I miss horses... I wanna go riding. The weather was perfect again.

Stanley Park with Dad

So my dad is visiting Vancouver. We got together twice for supper, then we were both off on Saturday, so we went to Stanley Park. The weather was supposed to be rainy, but it turned out nice and sunny. We walked around for maybe an hour and a bit, then we went to the aquarium for two hours. We got to see a snake eating a rabbit. Here are a few pics of the day. We are going to Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge today, so more pics to follow.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Well, I figured that I should post some pics of my room (the basement of the house). I am home watching Coco (she is sick, so not in school), so this seemed like a good time. I took the pictures right after I woke up, so my bed is not made yet. I joined the gym yesterday, so I went for two hours this morning, then got the text that Coco was home sick. The gym passes in Vancouver are good for any of the rec centers (and there are a lot). They even have wave pools and ice rinks. Coco and I are going to go skating next week. I am hoping that I can get a part time job, but until then I am going to go to the gym for a two hour workout, then I might go swimming after to cool down. Hopefully I can go skating once a week as well. I am really glad that I came here, the only thing that I wish were different was a part time job, because then I could pay mom back faster.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stanley Park

I had today off, so I went to Stanley park.. After getting off of the sea bus, I had a five minute walk to the bus stop, and then a twenty minute wait for the bus. When I got on the bus, it was so crowded that I had to stand, and the driver was not very good, and everyone almost fell. When I got to the park, I wandered around for a while, and then decided to take the horse tour. They have a wagon with a 2 hitch team. The one that I was on was pulled by two Clydes named Bud and Weiser. They were seven and nine years old. The guide was very nice and informative. She even gave me information on getting a job next year, and maybe even a little part time at Christmas. The weather was beautiful. Here are some pics. The other day, I joined the library, so I can read all the time, unless I get a 2nd job, which I am still hoping for.

Saturday, October 3, 2009