Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just another day

I split my thumb open when drying a coffee pot. I did not know if I should go to the hospital or not, and I did not have my health card, so mom had to come to Collingwood. I had to have two stiches. Here it is 24 hours after stitches. Also here is a pic of my hair after I took out the braids.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Car Continued

Well, now I am totally screwed. I got my tires changed over to my summer tires, and the tire guys told me that I would need to buy new tires soon. Then the rest of the way home, my steering wheel was shaking, so we dropped it off at the mechanics to have a look at it. We asked him to look at the tires as well, to get his opinion on how soon they needed to be changed. Well, it turns out that I was 20000 km over the wear line, so he said I needed new tires right away. It also turns out that one of the rims on my summer tires was wrecked. So now I have to buy four new tires, and a new rim. Tori is buying the rim for the snow tire. I have just enough money right now as it is to pay rent, insurance, car loan, and student loan, and our hours at work are being cut. I am going to work part time for the Gardening Angels as soon as the season opens, which will help, but as of now, I am screwed. Mom is going to put the tires and rim on her credit card, and I am going to have to pay her back. It will be over $600 as the tires are $120 each, and the rim will be over $100 as it has to come from the dealer. I am using moms truck to get to work tommorow, and I hope the car will be ready after that, beacuase she said I can only have the truck one more day. But it depends on when the tires and rim come in, and when he gets the alignment done, and checks the brakes. Does anyone know of a good way I can get money (other than selling everything else I own, or getting a third job?)

UPDATE: Another rim is broken apparently. I think I shall sell my car and get a horse (I would prefer that anyways)

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Adventures of my Car

I did not know if i should name this blog "My Darling Sister" or what I named it. I need new contacts and the place where I normally get them, does not stock them anymore. Mom suggested I try a new place in town, so after work, I went there. I met mom there as she had my prescription, and Tori went to the Scotiabank plaza. I was waiting for her to come back, and texted "where are you". She walked in thirty seconds later and whispered that she needed to talk to me. She had apparently run my car into a curb, and popped the tire. She also bent the rim. We had to call a tow truck to put the spare on (I have only ever put tires on with dad there telling me what needed to be done, so I did not want to do it.) Now, I have to spend the weekend getting my other tires put on, and getting a front end alignment. My poor car. I had it for a year and a half and nothing bad happened to it. Now within two months, it has slid into a snowbank, and a curb. The picture of the car is it with the spare tire.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Hair

Where I work, there are a lot of workers from the Barbados. One of them offered to braid my hair for me. She did this on Monday the 2nd, and it is now the 5th. I took these picture today, so I think she did a good job, as it is staying in very well. Also Tori and I have joined a gym, so that is where I am off to.