Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Long time

I seem to always be naming my blog about being a long time since the last time I blogged. I have been pretty busy with both jobs, and I now have the internet stick, so downloading pics uses to much. I am at the library now, so I can download as much as I want. Dad is in Vancouver again, so he is using my internet stick. I have hotmail and facebook on my phone, but I am going to come to the library on my days off to check my other stuff.

So what's new...
Well, I am being made a Supervisor at A&W
I am biking to work
I am not eating sugar
I cut my hair
Here are some random pics
...the one with me covered in blood is from when I attempted to show Winter and Ethan a hiking trail, and I ended up getting a nosebleed. We were on the street about eight minutes from my car, and five minutes from a hiking trail, what to do? It was not stopping, and my hands were covered in blood, so we went back to the car...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas and New Years

Here are some pics from Christmas. For New Years, I was supposed to have Winter, Renato and Yumi over. Winter ended up going with her mom to Naniamo, and Yumi could not find the house, so it was just me and Renato. Nora and Adrian went to a movie, and the kids were in bed. We played Scrabble (I lost) and watched part of RAMBO. Then when Nora and Adrian got home, we went downtown to see if they did anything. Nope, not even a count down. We just stood in a group of people and cheered when the clock moved. It was still pretty fun. Today (Jan 1) Renato and I went to Deep Cover to watch the Penguin plunge (polar bear dip) We went for a hike, and were soaked.