Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long Time

I guess that it has been a long time since I have posted. I have been pretty busy at work, and have had a few incidents. I found out that I will not be going out to Alberta when I was planning, and I was really upset over that. This will be my third year working there, and Some of the staff (it will be their second year) seem to have gotten preference over me. I wanted to Start as soon as they opened, and told Dave that, but he did not start me till over a month later. This really messed up my driving plans, as Tori was going to drive out with me (she had a PA day, so she would miss less school). Now she is taking off a whole week. It also means that I have to stay here (In Ontario), for longer. I am not really looking forward to housekeeping for an extra month. Plus I have to pay more rent living with my parents than if I was out in Alberta on my own. I have over $600 dollars worth of payments coming out of my account each month, plus gas, and rent. I also buy most of my own food, so I am really going to be hard pressed for money. I guess the good thing about staying here longer is that I will make more at this job, so I should be able to save more.
Another bump in the road (literally) was when my sister and I were driving. She was going to take my car for the day, so I was driving to work, then she would take my car, and then pick me up again. We went on the farm roads because they are more deserted. Anways, I slowed down to about 10 k (because I always miss the turn, and we got caught in a rut, and slid a little into the ditch. We had to wait for a tow truck to come and pull us out. Here is the picture of the car.


SusanE said...

That's a drag that you have to wait, but it sounds like your trying to make the best of it.

Was there any damage to your car?

Country Girl said...

no damage to the car, we were literally going ten k and slid into a snowbank