Sunday, May 24, 2009


We are finally in Kenora. We stopped in Kakabeka to visit my friend Sarah. We had a nice lunch at a family diner, on the highway. When we got to Highway 596 we met Susan. We followed her to Kenora to get gas. Then we followed her down the worst road to her house. We put our things in the guest room, and then Tori changed into a bathing suit, and I stayed in my dress. We then went to the lake, and Tori and I jumped in. Tori jumped in first, as I have a fear of jumping into water that I cannot see the bottom of. The water was not too cold. I scraped my foot and knee on the rocks though. Now we are drinking tea and talking about mom and Susan. Here are some pictures.


Unknown said...

Very happy to see things are going well for you all. Your little brother beat you to the swim though - Aprl 25th at McCrae Lake. Drive safe kids.

Cherylinn said...

Why didn't Susan go in? Looks like lots of fun thought.

Country Girl said...

I went swimming several times at the beach, with tori and with amanda, so I beat him