Friday, October 2, 2009


I am now in Vancouver. I stopped Tuesday night in Lake Louise and picked up Kaylee. We left early Wednesday morning. The drive went really well. Kaylee saw a bear and a wolf, but I did not see anything. We stopped in Sicamous at the Dutchman Ice cream place and had some home made ice cream. There was also a camel, llama, donkeys and ponies. When we got to Vancouver, we drove in a few circles until we finally found the hotel. We stayed at the Fairmont Waterfront and even had valet service. I was in my sweat pants as they are more comfortable for a long drive, so lets just say that I looked out of place. On Thursday we went to Granville Island and Stanley Park. It was a really rainy day, and we got soaked. I finally bought a umbrella (I will need one for living here) and it stopped raining. Granville was not as good as we expected, and thought that it was a waste of time. When we went to the park, it was still kind of rainy, so we just went to the aquarium, and drove the rest of the way around. The aquarium was pretty cool. We saw these giant creepy fish that live in Brazil, and we will never swim again. There were also Belugas and seals, and dolphins and a porpoise. Then we came to the place that I am now living. They all seem really nice. The older one, Coco is really hyper, and excited that I am here, She wants to spend all her time with me, which I think is cute. Julian is the younger one, and he has the most adorable little smile. Friday, we got up early, jumped on the sea bus, then the train, and took Kaylee to the airport. Then I took the train and sea bus back by myself (for those of you who know me well, you would not imagine me doing that). In the afternoon I took a walk to Lonsdale street and dropped off a few resumes. For the moment I have no internet, and am just using Nora's laptop as hers gets the internet. They have a Mac Air Port and my PC won't pick it up. Anyone have any ideas? No pics at this moment cause they are on my comp.

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Did you never wonder why it is called "the Wet coast"?