Monday, November 21, 2011


Today has been a very productive day. By 10:00 i had already taken the dogs jogging, gotten snow tires (bought and installed) and went to the dollar store for more "Operation Shoebox" stuff. Then I had a nap and when I woke up I went to the barn, had a lesson and then did the pm barn chores.

I am now going to eat dinner (after showering, as my parents are weird and do not like the smell of barn) then I will probably do the cat litter, and head to bed.

I am working as a housekeeper at Blue Mountain (or should I say hill compared to some of the places I have been). I had contacted them before moving back (as a safety net in case nowhere else was hiring). Most of the places I tried were not, but Blue is not a bad place to work so I can last there for a while again. I got home on Thursday October 27, and was offered a job on Friday, but wanted to look into some barns that had called me. I went to one, and they were looking for part time help or working student. So I accepted part time and will be helping her with some young horses as well. I am mostly working in exchange for lessons, but may take half lessons and half pay. Back to Blue... I called Monday and accepted the job, and started Tuesday.

The dogs are glad to have me back. I am living in the basement at my parent's house for the time being (not sure how long this will last as it is insane sometimes. But between the trip here and getting snow tires, I am almost broke.

That's prob it for now as I am eating.


Cherylinn said...

Who could not like the smell of a barn?

Country Girl said...

I totally agree!!!!!

Dee said...

It's funny but my mother never liked the smell of the outdoors on me. If I had been playing outside all day, she would always wrinkle up her nose and tell me that I smelled like 'outside,' once I came back in the house. I can relate because I always thought my mom was weird, too.

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