Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stanley Park

I had today off, so I went to Stanley park.. After getting off of the sea bus, I had a five minute walk to the bus stop, and then a twenty minute wait for the bus. When I got on the bus, it was so crowded that I had to stand, and the driver was not very good, and everyone almost fell. When I got to the park, I wandered around for a while, and then decided to take the horse tour. They have a wagon with a 2 hitch team. The one that I was on was pulled by two Clydes named Bud and Weiser. They were seven and nine years old. The guide was very nice and informative. She even gave me information on getting a job next year, and maybe even a little part time at Christmas. The weather was beautiful. Here are some pics. The other day, I joined the library, so I can read all the time, unless I get a 2nd job, which I am still hoping for.


SusanE said...

It is difficult to imagine that we are in the same country.

You are strolling flower gardens and we got about 12 cm of snow today.

Canada certainly is vast.

I think you'd love driving the horse and carriage around. What a fun job. Would it be enough income to do only one job?

Lauras Garden said...

Beautiful pictures. Glad you didn't get lost.