Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mom's Visit

Mom arrived yesterday around 4 pm We went over to the pet store I worked at (after a slight detour downtown cause the streets are silly there...) Then we went to a restaurant called Andrea's. It is really good Italian/Greek, and I always take people there. (If I remember) We split a platter that had a bit of everything (and had it again for dinner tonight) Then they gave us a free loaf of bread which will be lunch/snack for a few days. Then we headed to the hotel and were in bed by 9.

We got up around 6:30 this morning, went for the continental breakfast. Then we headed towards Mt. Seymour, but the cloud was insane and part way up we had to turn around. We then went to Deep Cove. We then went to the Quay (saw some butter tarts...almost got one for Grandpaw but it may not have survived the trip), took the seabus, went to gastown (Roger's chocolates...) Then we came back to the North Shore, drove across to Stanley Park, biked around the seawall, then went to the Aquarium. We then attempted Mt. Seymour, got to the top parking lot, but it was foggy so got a picture in dusk from the second to top parking lot.

Then we went to superstore, got gas, bought some cheese, filled my tire (it was flat) drove back to the hotel, and are now blogging and watching :Big Bang Theory".

Tomorrow we are headed to Midas to check all my tires, then off to Horsehoe Bay, Whytecliff Park, (maybe) Capilano suspension bridge, Lynn Valley suspension Bridge, and the George Canyon concert. Then Saturday am, we head out to Seattle (and hope we have no problems going through, cause if they need to search my car everything will fall out the trunk...

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Starfall Darling said...

Have a safe trip! Sounds like you're having fun already!