Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, today started off pretty good, had a few laughs with the crew, got a good suntan...  then things got worse.  I will not go into detail yet, as some of the readers will be affected by the outcome of today, and I am not ready for them to know yet.  Let's just say that I asked for an answer and God gave me one.  I will also say that it is a good thing that I had sunglasses on to cover my eyes.  After that I was going to ride Charly, but Tammy talked me into getting a pedicure (my first ever).  It was pretty cool to actually pamper myself as I never do.  My toes are now a greeny blue with white sparkly flowers.  Tammy's are french pedicure style with butterflies.  Then Tammy invited me over for supper so I stayed.  She stuck a flower in my hair (I said it smeeled like laundry, but she did not agree.)  She managed to cheer me up so I am thankful.

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