Sunday, May 25, 2008


So I am headed out to Jasper, Alberta once again, this summer!!!  I am so excited.  I worked out there all summer last year (from May 2007-Oct 2007)  I had the time of my life!!  I have been counting down the days all winter to when I can return, and now there are only 4 weeks left.  I had to buy a car so I am going to be driving out this year instead of flying.  I managed to talk my sister and one of my friends into coming with me.  We are planning to make the trip in just under 2 weeks as we would like to see as much as possible.  If anyone knows anywhere good to stop on the way (we are already detouring to Drumheller)then please let me know.  We are going through Canada (up to Thunder Bay then to Gilbert Plains, and then on to Jasper.  I have been informed that we must top in Wawa and get a picture with the giant goose for my mother.  While in Jasper we will be going to the Tramway (a very scary gondola type ride up to the top of Whistlers mountain.)  Hopefully I will be able to take at least one of the girls riding with me.  I would like to go whitewater rafting, but that is a lot of money and it may be booked solid.  We will probably go hiking and spend a day or two touring the stores (there are a few cute ones).  Then we will go to Edmonton and spend a night or two there and go to the West Edmonton Mall, then Tori (my sister) and Natasha (my friend) will fly back to Ontario.  Well I have to go to Home Hardware so that's all for now.


SusanE said...

Welcome to blogging Caitlin. I'm going to enjoy reading your western life stories.

Lauras Garden said...

Your mother hates the giant goose in Wawa.