Friday, June 20, 2008

Pirate Day / Sleep over

Well, at work on Wednesday, Hayley, Skylar and I all dressed as pirates.  It was Hayley's idea, and we liked it.  No one else wanted to dress up (George wore a few skull rings). Then after work we went for a ride (Skylar on Charly, Hayley on Hank, Kansas on Brandy (her horse), and me on Odin).  It was short, but fun.  Then Skylar, Hayley and I had supper (Hayley brought Lasanga, I brought Pea salad and Skylar brought cheesecake (he made it himself and it was good.)  We watched the first POTC (Pirates of the Caribbean).  We (the three of us) slept out in a  tent in the arena, and it was all in all a fun night.  Skylar got cold, so he had all out extra blankets, and in the morning, Hayley and I were up with the birds, and he was still sleeping, so we gave him all the blankets and went to eat breakfast.  By 06:30, he was still not up, so we woke him up with water guns.  I think that the world could use more days like that day :)

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Fiddling Granny said...

Avast me hearties ... sounds like a great time. (That's my best pirate-ese.)