Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well, today we drove from Portage la Prairie to Regina.  We stopped in Portage to find the houses we used to live in, we found one, but the other does not exist.  Then we drove to Brandon, and met with Tori's mentor from her trip to Kenya.  Tori got some pictures of her favorite baby over there, who is now talking.  Because of the time changes, we drove for a lot and it did not seem like much.  We waved to a lot of drivers (mostly big rig drivers)  and the majority waved back.  We got a lot of weird looks though.  When we were leaving the motel in Portage, Tori suddenly cannot find her sunglasses or her wallet.  We frantically search everywhere and found them in the garbage.  She had thrown them on top of a plastic bag and somehow they got into the garbage.  When we neared Regina, we saw a sign for a campground, so we drove down the road that it had said to go down.  After 20 mins of driving we gave up and turned around.  We were on a one lane dirt road and there was a cute guy in a big truck that had to wait for us to turn.  We waved and he waved and honked (we have a window that says honk if you love Alberta.)  We finally got back to the highway, and saw water slides and a big sign that said CAMPGROUND.  Boy did we feel dumb.  We got to the campground, and Tori went to see how much, and if they had any spots.  She comes out and says 20 dollars.  I said are there any available?  She say's I don't know.  So in we went, and I asked and we got a site.  Trying to set up was fun, as Tori was giggling at everything, and was almost no use with the tent, I was the only one who knew how to use the propane stove, and Natasha can't move that much with her knee (she had surgery in April).  But everything worked out.  While we were setting up, some guys were in a site across from us, and they would not stop staring, it was very un-nerving.  One left, and the other is in his tent now, but it was still creppy.  (The guy in the tent kept it locked).  Well, we are off to bed soon.  I will post more soon.  (no pics this time as I have not downloaded them yet.)

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