Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Long Drive

Yesterday (Monday), we drove from Jasper, Alberta to Yorkton Saskatchewan.  We were on the road from 07:45 to 21:30.  Dad did all the driving.  He said that it felt good to do a marathon drive again.  I just decided to read the book that he brought.  (It was 296 pages)  It is about a man who wanted to climb Mt. Everest and almost died.  it was pretty good.  We stayed at a really crappy motel (those of you who are travelling, never stay at the Redwood Motel).  It was too much money, the bathroom door would not shut, the pillows were lumpy, the room smelled like cigarette smoke, and the cable did not work.  They did have wireless internet though, so I could blog this and keep up with all of you.  We are on to Kenora tonight, so I will try to keep you updated.

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Lauras Garden said...

Ask your dad if the Redwood was as bad as the place we stayed in Rideau Ferry. It had mice in addition to all the other problems you listed and no cable or tv.