Thursday, October 9, 2008

This Week

Well, this has been an interesting week.  My breathing (asthma) has gotten worse since I have started working on a Thoroughbred farm.  I believe that it is because there are 5 barns (there will be one more when the track closes).  So, since there are more stalls, there is more dust (which I am allergic to).  Also, the way they dump the shavings does not help.  There is a bucket on one of the tractors, they fill it with shavings and dump it in the aisle, then we shovel the shavings into the stalls.  So as you can imagine there is a lot of dust.  Also, I am working with everything that I am allergic to.  (Horses, dust, mold, hay...)  Anyways, this is going somewhere.  I was given a new puffer, so I was on two puffs of my normal puffer, and one puff of the new puffer in the morning, one puff of the new puffer at night, and my ventolin when I need it.  On Sunday, I started feeling sick (dizzy, nauseous, hot, headachy)  I thought it was just because the church was really hot, and it passed after a little while.  Then, on Monday, and Tuesday I still felt sick.  I thought that was a reaction to the new puffer, but it appears not.  I called in sick on Wednesday, and went to the doctor.  (Not my normal doctor)  She told me that the nausea and the hard breathing was asthma problems, and she could not explain the dizziness, so today I had to go and get blood tests.  I have been having these same sort of episodes for a few years, usually a year apart, and it can last for a day, or for a week or more.  I hope the blood tests show something.  I am looking for a new job as this one (with my allergies, and the dust there) is bad for my health and it is a long drive.  I can apply at Wal-Mart (which is close (would save on gas))  or Amforlord ranch, which has just got new owners.  I called both places, and I have to go on Sunday to see the farm, and I can drop off an application at Wal-Mart at any time.  Please pray so I know what to do, and that I recover my health.  

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Cherylinn said...

I know exactly what you are saying about dumping shavings from a tractor bucket and shovelling them into the stalls....Major dust. When I boarded mine that's how they did it as well, I hated going into the barn until the dust settled. They see it as quick and easy and don't even consider the dust factor.
Keep us up to date. Good luck with the new job search. Your health is what matters.