Monday, March 22, 2010


So, I am back in Wasaga Beach for a week. Friday night at 7:30 pm Vancouver time, I left for the airport. I got through check-in and security with no problems, then sat and waited for two hours for the flight. We took off at 10:55 pm Vancouver time, and I was stick sitting in an aisle seat (which is the worst seat to sit in cause you can't lean either way (I am hoping to get a window seat on the flight back)) Landed in Toronto 3:20 am Vancouver time (6:20 am Toronto time) I got all my luggage, and went to meet Alec at the discount parking lot. We drove to Newmarket and visited with my dad's mom, then went to my mom's parents place (which is where my mom was cause she had stayed there for a few days) She did not know I was coming (only dad and Alec did). Then we came to the Beach. Alec, Armin, Connor and I wanted to go see Repo Men, but it was only on in Barrie, Midland. So we drove to Barrie for the 10:30 pm show. We got home around 2am. I went straight to bed and did not wake up till 9am on Sunday (I had not gotten any sleep on the flight or the drives, so I went a while without sleep.) Then I made omelette's, showered and went to church. I will be here until next Sunday in the morning (my flight leaves at 7am.


Lauras Garden said...

She offered to make omelettes and Kevin picked up her requests before she came home. Normally Caitlin is with the sun but she slept in Sunday so Kevin and I did all the prep work for her - she just had to cook.

Starfall Darling said...

It's good to have you back in the area for a bit!

Cherylinn said...

What an awesome surprise for your mum.....Enjoy your stay.