Saturday, July 19, 2008


No, I did not see a bear.  Tonight, Sabrina came running into the cabin, calling my name.  I came out of the bathroom , and she said, put on shoes we need to go to the stables right now.  I put on sneakers, and Alex caught up with us.  She told us that we were going because there had been a bear sighting by the barn, and the wardens were coming to tranq it.  The tranq gun sounds really loud, like a real gun, so we had to be there in case the horses freaked (broke the fence and got loose).  We ran over, and talked to the wardens, and they went into the woods to look for it.  We waited about twenty minutes, and nothing happened, so we left.  As of now (fourty minutes later) there still has not been a shot.  We think that this is the same bear that has been spooking Lex, and causing him to throw guests.  

P.S  Today was a easy and relaxing day.  I slept in, did my laundry, watched a movie, had a nap...I have to work tommorow though, as I traded with Maria so she could have three days off and go to Edmonton with her family.

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