Friday, July 18, 2008


Today Brad and I were the guides on the 10:30 ride.  He was in the front, and I was in the back.  We had barely gotten to the end of the white fence, and one of the horses started to freak out.  He was full out bucking, his head down, spinning, leaping.  The woman managed to stay on for most of it, then fell off.  Lex (the horse) took off.  I turned around to see that Rocket was running towards the grass in the same direction as Lex.  I jumped off Rocky, radioed the barn, asked the women who were off if they were okay, then caught the horses.  Sabrina and Carly came up to help.  Carly held Rocky, Rambo, Sally and Rocket (Lex was by now tied to a tree).  Sabrina and I talked with the women.  Two of them had jumped off, and the one on Lex, had of course been thrown.  The one on Lex got on Sally to finish the ride, and the one on Rocket decided not to finish the ride.  The rest of the ride went well, and we even got ten dollars tip each.  Lex is now going to the backcountry, as this was the second time in two weeks that he threw someone.  We think he smelled a bear that has been running around the area both times.  All in all, it was an exciting day.  

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SusanE said...

That sounds exciting. Makes for a good story for the tourists eh.