Monday, July 7, 2008


Today was my first day back at work here in Jasper.  It was a lot of fun.  The guys seem pretty cool to work with.  I went on the hour and a half ride with Sabrina, and we made ten dollars each in tips.  I rode Rocky (I think he is going to be my guide horse again).  I remembered the trail, and I remember all the horses.  After lunch, I was on the two o'clock, two hour ride.  There was supposed to be twenty one people, so we were going to to do it in two groups.  The first group was thirteen (three diff families from Scotland, they all came over to Canada together to vacation).  So we went, me in the lead, Maria in the middle and Eric at the end.  Brad's ride caught up with us, as only two other people showed up.  It was a pretty good ride, the kids from Scotland were so cute, and they kept me talking for the whole two hours.  Then when work was done, I came back to my room and watched Sharpe's Mission, then went to the bank to cash a cheque (that finally arrived).  Sabrina and Jamie came with me as they needed to go to their banks.  I came back, finished Sharpes Mission, wrote this blog and am now going to bed.  Good night

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