Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday, Jaimie and I went on the hour and a half ride. There was only two guests, but Jaimie was riding a horse in training so she came for the experience. We were about fifteen minutes from the end when Copper, my horse pricked up his ears. A bear walked out about twenty feet in front of us. I stopped my horse, and stood there waiting to see what the bear would do. I was radioing Dave to let him know that there was a bear, and the bear stood up on his hind legs. I was thinking oh no, cause they normally ignore us, but if he was standing up... He must have just been trying to get a better look, as he dropped back down and slowly started walking away. We waited a few minutes, then continued on the trail. He followed us parallel, for the next five or so minutes, then went down by the lake. Jaimie was excited because it was her first grizzly.


Lauras Garden said...

Jaimie might be excited but your mom is not.

SusanE said...

lol. I love that Laura.

Too cool Caitlin. I guess you didn't get a photo eh?

Cherylinn said...

Holy cow as awesome of a sight it must have been, I"m sure your heart was pounding.

I too love Laura's comment.

Country Girl said...

I was nice and relaxed. I have seen them before. Maybe a little worried when he stood up. Guests are not allowed cameras on the rides, so it would not be good if staff were using them.