Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trip to Jasper

Since mom apparently is not happy with me just telling her about my trip, I am going to blog it. We got to Jasper in the afternoon, and hung out at the barn for a little while. Then I got my room. We did not do too much that night. Over the next few days, we rode twice, hiked The Valley of the Five Lakes, went to Horseshoe lake, Edge of the World, spent half a day by Mount Robson B.C. Then we went to Drumheller to visit one of Tori's friends that she met in Paraguay. On the way to Drumheller, we saw several bears. While in Drumheller, we went to the Hoodos, the East Coulee museum, and the Passion Play site, while waiting for him to finish rehearsing (he is in the play). We stayed in a tent that night, and slept very well. We left early the next morning to go to Edmonton, where Tori met two more of her friends, then I dropped her off at the airport, and drove back to Jasper.


Lauras Garden said...

Now I am happy. I like the picture of you standing on the horse.

Country Girl said...

it was a very sharp horse, i scraped my arm getting up on it.