Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am in Jasper. I started work yesterday, and had to unload over 100 bales of hay from Dave's trailer and stack them in the barn. Tori's boss came to ride with her son, and they really enjoyed it (at least they said they did). So far it is not too busy here, we need to wait until school is out. Then the families will come to Jasper, and to ride. As of this moment, I do not have a roommate. Dave says that she will be here by June 15, which could mean that she will be here anytime between now and then. I have a sink in my room, which I have not had the last two years here. The only problem is that it is a co-ed cabin, and we have to share the bathroom with the guys. It is common to see guys running around in only towels, and to walk into the bathroom, and find the guys in a stall, peeing with the door open. I don't know if I can survive here, if that is what will be happening all summer, I liked my all girls cabin. I don't have any pictures yet so that is all for now.

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Lauras Garden said...

Glad to hear from you finally. I wanted to hear about your days travelling with Tori - don't you have any pictures from that?