Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today, Sabrina and I went to Edmonton.  We got up at 05:40 and were on the road at 06:00.  It was a fun day.  I bought the Rambo Complete Collector`s set (with the new one and special features).  I bought a Monty Roberts book, and a halter for my horse here (The halters at work keep breaking (some of the horses are spazzy) and Rocky`s halter does not fit properly, so Sabrina and I both bought our horses new halter (she got green, I got red).  On the way back, we were laughing so hard that I was crying and I could not breathe.  We were making silly comments, and talking about horse names (Dave is naming his foals from this year, and they have to start with U (Canadian Horse Breed).  We came up with the silliest names.  I am now going to watch a movie and go to bed.  I am very tired (Last night, one of the girls in the cabin started screaming, and crying at the top of her lungs (at 01:30)  It was very annoying.  She was drunk, and apparently homesick.  Thats it, Bye

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Lauras Garden said...

U has got to be one of the hardest letters - Umbrella? Unicycle? Utterly Adorable? Uen? I think Dr. Seuss may be able to help.