Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today was a fun day.  It rained almost all day.  It started after Sabrina and I came back from the hour and a half ride.  We were glad that we had missed it.  About ten minutes after we got back, there was a radio call from Carly and Maria's ride.  One of the horses had spooked and someone had fallen off.  Sabrina went out on Hayes to where they were while Ange (photographer) and I went in her truck so we could drive the person back.  When we got there, neither the woman nor her husband wanted to continue.  They went back in the truck, I jumped on Lex, and Sabrina jumped on Lefty and ponied (led behind her) Hayes.  When we got back, we were soaking wet.  We had a half hour lunch, then came back.  There were two people booked for the one thirty ride so I volunteered to take them.  It rained the whole ride, but they were fun, and said they were glad that they came.  Dave came back from the back country lodge, and since it was raining, said two of us could go home.  Sabrina wanted to go, and suggested that I go as well, as I was soaked.  So now I am back.  I am going to Hinton tonight, as I needed to buy some underwear and socks, and was going to go on my day off, but Maria has Fri/Sat off (she was going to her sisters in Edson), so she said she would help pay for gas if I could drop her off (half way), so I figured why not.  Then Carly and Jamie said they would come to, so that helps for gas.  I am off to watch Sharpe's Challenge now.


Cherylinn said...

Gotta love spooked horses.....silly creatures that they are.

Country Girl said...

Very silly creatures :)