Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gabriola Island

It was a half hour drive to get on the ferry to Naniamo, then a little over an hour on the ferry, then a short drive, then on a ferry to Gabriola (ten minutes), then a ten minute drive to the house. It is a three bedroom (it was thought to be a six bedroom, but they meant it sleeps six, not it has six rooms.) The kids are going to be sleeping in a bedroom with bunk beds (Julian may end up in the bottom bunk, maybe in the portable crib) the parents are in the other room on the main floor, and I am in a loft bedroom. We went out for lunch around two, I had a buffalo burger, Adrian and Nora had normal burgers, and the kids had grilled cheese. We went for a walk along the beach, and found a lot of starfish. I saw two otters on the beach walk, but I was way ahead of the others, so they did not see them. I could not get a good picture of them though, they stayed mostly int he water. The kids and I had pasta, and now Adrian and Nora are going out for dinner. My internet stick is real slow out here, so no pics right now.

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SusanE said...

Sounds beautiful. I love the idea of a loft bedroom.