Friday, April 16, 2010


Got the job dog walking. It is $10 an hour to start (during training) then $11 when on my own, then it goes up a dollar every once in a while. They do generally two walks a day, that are and hour and a half long (but we get paid for two hours.) I may get one a day, I may get two, it depends on how busy they are. Right now they said I could be used every day, but in the summer it might go down (as they usually have less dogs to take care of in the summer) I am still going to work for AW a day or two a week, just to see if it does go down in the summer (then I have money to fall back on). There is also the "sleepover" option, which is where people who do not want their dogs to go to a kennel, can have them come home with us. That is $25 a night. I talked to Nora and Adrian, and they said as long as I looked after the dog, and it was good with kids, and did not poop in the house, I could do that as well, and it would be a good experience for all of us.


Laura said...

So ... is the dog allowed to pee in the house?

SusanE said...

sounds like Nora and family are great to work for.

Have fun walking the dogs, great way to get paid and exercise too.

Country Girl said...

I knew writing that that someone would say that.