Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The picture with the car going into the water was a dock, and some stupid person drove into it, their front wheels in the water.
The really snowy picture is Lake Louise, and we could not see the lake, for all the snow.
The one that looks like a dead animal, is a dead animal. At Bow falls, I was looking at the falls, and saw that...no one else saw it till I pointed it out.
The one of me in a bathing suit is when we went to the hot springs, I had not brought my bathing suit, and had to rent one of the 1920 ones.
The one of the Sheep was on the road to Lake Minnewanka, and it was really close, so the girls were excited to see some wildlife.
The other ones are from the Cave and Basin (the original hot springs) it was pretty cool, but smelly.
Hope this answers all your questions mom.


Laura said...

Want to tell us the story behind the closed road? And in the 4th picture is there something dead on the rock or is it just a funny shape and colour?

Laura said...

Doesn't answer quite all of my questions. What kind of dead animal?
Wolf? Goat? Go back and find out.

Laura said...

Deer? Dog? It looks like it has a collar.

SusanE said...

Gross dead thing.

Love the bathing suit.