Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 116

"I called to the Lord who is worthy of praise, and I have been saved from my enemies." Psalm 18:4

I chose this verse just because I like it.

Here is a funny story. Yesterday Amanda and I went to this restaurant called Andrea's. It is really good, and I have been there a few times. We were told the special was a roast beef sandwich, salad, and fries. We both said that sounded good. He came back a few minutes later to say that they were out, and we would get a free soup because we had to choose again. So we ate our soup, then our main course. Then he brought us free dessert, then he brought us each a loaf of fresh bread. it was really good bread. We left a good tip, and I will definitely keep going there. The service was remarkable, and the food was amazing as always.

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