Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Julian is still sick, he threw up last night, I don't think he did this morning, but he was up a lot, so they kept him home...another day's plans ruined. I stayed home with him until 13:45 then Nora came home. I am now at Blenz coffee shop to load the pics, then off to get Coco, and taking her to dinner playdate. The place where we are going for the playdate (where Amanda is the AuPair) just got a dog, so it should be interesting, with Coco's fear of them. It is a hairless american terrier. Feels like a couch, but is kind of cute, and real friendly. These are pics from my Mt. Seymour hike (which is used for many movie shots, including Eclipse) The one with all the trucks is from when they did the movie shoot on my street.

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