Friday, September 10, 2010


So on top of the busy weekend that I had (kids, dogs, AW) I found out the my friend from college, Sarah, was coming to visit. School started on Tuesday, and was only for forty five minutes. Then I took Coco to Go Bananas (a play place in the mall for kids). What started as me inviting two other kids turned into half the class. Then Wednesday was Coco's Birthday.

Sarah and her husband Trevor got here Wednesday night, we went out to the Quay for dinner, then watched a movie. We got to bed pretty late (after 12 I think). On Thursday I was up at 0630, had the kids till 0900. Then we had eggs and bacon. Then we went to Lynn Valley canyon, did the hike. Then we caught the bus to Stanley park, spent about three hours at the aquarium, then walked downtown to the cupcake store, had a cupcake, then walked to the Seabus, caught the seabus, then a bus home. Then we went to Horseshoe bay for dinner, then used Tori's snap pop things in the street and alley, then watched another movie, then went to bed.
Got up this morning, had the kids till 0900, then Sarah and Trevor packed up, then I went to AW (for my last shift) and now I am going to get Coco and a friend who is having a playdate with Coco. I don't have any pics at this moment, might put some up later.

Tomorrow I have Julian from 2-6 but other than that, it can actually be almost a real weekend.
Did not get the dog grooming job, they hired someone who could do the trial sooner than I could.

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Laura said...

For those of you who don't know what Tori's snap pop things are here is a link.
Connor discovered they also work quite well on ceiling fans. When you turn the switch on and the explode, they sound like an electrical short.