Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 103

"And we urge you, brothers, warn those who are idle, encourage the timid, help the weak, be patient with everyone." 1 Thessalonians 5:14

I chose this one for the last section of the verse. Usually my patience is not too bad, but this morning, I was really close to just saying I'm done, packing my bags and leaving. I think is is mostly just because I am hot, and tired, and some things bother me more.

The biggest problem in the house where I live is soundproofing (as in, there is NONE). Today is my only day that I can sleep in (and my last Saturday that I can sleep, in cause next Sat, I get the kids in the morning). I woke up when I heard them getting up with Julian, and it was not too loud, so I managed to stay in bed for a while, but then could not go back to sleep because Julian was stomping around. That is right, stomping, not walking. I finally got up, got dressed, went to get breakfast, and the little things that have bothered me since I got here just really irritated me cause I was already irritated. Both the T.V's where on, but they were not even in the room with one of them, the light on top of the stove was on and there was no one in the kitchen, and it is bright enough outside to not need any lights, ( as in they waste electricity like crazy)On top of all that, the T.V's were not on (never are) at a nice low respectful volume, they were loud enough that I could hear it downstairs.

Normally I can handle one or two of these things, but being tired and having all of these things together....I need to work on my Patience. I asked Nora about a week ago about getting a strip to go on the bottom of my door(there is a two inch gap, which does not help keep the noise down)she said they would look into it, but no success yet. Maybe I need to go to a motel on my day off to actually get sleep.

On a lighter note, I yesterday, went to the waterpark, the beach, and to see "The A Team" It was awesome! Extremely funny, but with lots of action.

Now I am going to try and calm down...

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Laura said...

Too bad about their lack of consideration. I think you have done a great job adjusting to living in someone else's home especially when they have such different values and lifestyle. Dalton and Connor just saw the A-Team and Dalton rates it as one of his top 3.