Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 202

"Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality" Romans 12:13

I find it funny that today, in continuing with my Romans chapter 12, that this was todays verse. My morning devotions were also about giving. Today is the day that I am giving my cheque to church. I was a little worried because at the moment there is not a lot in my bank, I am to be paid later by Nora, and at the end of the month by dog walking. I had decided to give what I needed to on faith, and then I read these verses and it was just like God saying, thank you for doing what I have asked you to. I would have felt guilty if I had made the other decision (to wait) and then read these verses, but instead I am filled with peace, knowing that I am making the right decision. I give because He gave me everything. Without Him, I have nothing, so I give to Him to thank Him, and to give Him what is rightfully His.

Going on a hike with the two dogs I am watching, Anna and her dog, and Kristel and her dog. (after church)


Jane said...

You truly are an inspiration! YOu have such words of wisdom! Thank you for blogging!

Laura said...

You are a good and faithful servant.